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Dividing Lines
2012- ongoing

The project focuses on dividing lines, such as political borders and social barriers, and looks at the long-lasting impact they have on the regions and the people. Through the use of video, painting, performance, sound and objects, it tells stories of the on-going and past divisions.  
It addresses such notions as immigration, social class, segregation and identity that have lately become the central dividing lines in the politics worldwide. The projects aims to show how easily and oftentimes carelessly those divisions are being created and how significant and long-lasting they end up being.

2014- 2016

Project Transitions refers to the notion of change that in consequence opens up a variety of possible outcomes - rearranged works captured in process of becoming something new, paintings with multiple endings, objects changing skin, rejecting their outer layers, wanting to be different from what they are. Transitions project focuses on the consistent process of change rendered so by the existence of time. Everything is in a state of flux, always transforming, adapting, modifying itself.“Something moves not because at one moment of time it is here and at another there, but because at one and the same moment it is here and not here.” In transition, things are not changing in a single moment, but constantly; they are not stationary, but moving slowly through and beyond.  

Open Work
2013- 2015

The Open Work project refers to the concept of the so-called theory of the open work (Umberto Eco, Opera Aperta, 1962) , significant for its powerful concept of “openness”—the artist’s decision to leave arrangements of some constituents of a work to the public or to chance.