Alicja Gaskon
Born in Warsaw, PL 
Lives and works in New York

Master of Fine Arts Department of Painting
Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

Department of Architecture and Urbanism
WSEiZ, Warsaw

Selected Solo and Group Shows :
Reflexions, solo, Vienna Contemporary, Marx Halle, Vienna, Austria
Newly Discovered, LeGuern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Cut /Control performance, w/Maria Rapicavoli, EFA Open Studios, New York, United States
Visual-Virtual, Noyes Museum of Art, Atlantic City, United States 
Minimal Impulse, balzer projects, Basel Art Week, Basel, Switzerland
Interior, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
New Beginnings, solo, balzer projects, Basel, Switzerland
Transitions, w/Forgo Arpad, Lengyel Institute,Budapest, Hungary
2015 Artissima, w/Lilly Keller, balzer projects, Turin, Italy
Myopia of Identity, solo, balzer projects, Basel, Switzerland
Solo Positions, solo, Contemporary Art Berlin, Berlin, Germany
The Open Work, solo, Dubner Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland
Czysta Formalnosc, BWA Labirynt Kunsthalle, Lublin, Poland
La Ligne f(x)=ax+b, balzer projects, Basel, Switzerland
Order out of chaos, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Saatchi Screen projects, competition finalists, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK 
The Tetris Effect: Urbanism of Color, solo, EspaceGaia, Geneva, Switzerland
FAB/ Map.Struction, off-space Helvetia, Montreux, Switzerland
Nouveaux artistes a  la galerie, Dubner Moderne , Lausanne, Switzerland
MAP.struction: The Tetris Effect, solo, Espace Gaia, Geneva, Switzerland
The Dynamic Arena, solo,  Schweizer Kunstraum, Lausanne, Switzerland
Summer Six, EspaceGaia, Geneva, Switzerland
R&W, Schweizer Kunstraum, Lausanne, Switzerland
StartPoint Prize, best art diploma finalists, Brno, Czech Republic
Torpedo Pinata II -derailment, solo, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Paranoia Show, Gallery 2a, Warsaw, Poland
Best Painting of 2010 , Gallery Aula, Warsaw, Poland
Shoe in the buttonhole, Gallery Mlodych Tworcow, Warsaw
Walk your dog, Gallery Aspect, Warsaw, Poland
J.M and students, Gallery Kierat 1, Szczecin, Poland
The passenger, Studio 66, ASP , Warsaw, Poland
Tarnow, Gallery Kolorowa, Tarnow, Poland
The beautiful war, Studio 66, ASP, Warsaw
Berber, Embassy of Morocco, solo, Galeria Zadra, Warsaw, Poland
Torpedo Pinata, solo, Gallery ASP, Warsaw, Poland

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