Exhibition: Here, Together! Home Land
The Immigrant Artist Biennial [TIAB]
New York, Oct.16, 2020 - Dec. 18, 2020

For more info: www.immigrantartistbiennial.com
Curator: Katya Grokhovsky
Curatorial Advisors: Mary Annunziata, Allison Cannella, Anna Mikaela Ekstrand.

Home Land is a multidisciplinary group exhibition, which explores the concept of place, lingering memories of lives left behind and persistent longing to belong and adapt. Navigating and analyzing the meaning and construct of home, eight U.S based immigrant artists utilize various materials and mediums, interpreting the metaphorical and physical concept of borders and call of the land through sculpture, installation, video, painting and photography.

Dividing Lines: The Midpoint, enamel and acrylic on canvas, 72x60x2in, 2017