Exhibition: Century.idee bauhaus 
gallery drj––dr.julius | ap
Berlin, Germany
Apr. 28, 2019  - Jun. 23, 2019 + 12 - 15 Sept.2019 at Positions Berlin

For more info: www.drj-art-projects.com

The curatorial team:  museum director Simone Schimpf, MKK Ingolstadt, curator Sibylle Hoiman, Bauhaus Archiv Berlin, art scientist Frederik Schikowski, Berlin/Basel and architect and art collector Frank F. Drewes, Berlin/Bielefeld, as well as drj directors Christiane Bail and Matthias Seidel

As a programme and project gallery for conceptual and minimal contemporary art + architecture, drj initiated a project of its own to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus’ founding, forming a curatorial team and inviting international artists to submit their personal reflections on the Bauhaus in the form of a DIN A4 sheet of paper.

These individual contributions have been brought together in the exhibition CENTURY. idee bauhaus, which illuminates a broad spectrum of artistic approaches and attitudes, encompassing both personal closeness and critical distance to the subject.

The exhibition is an exemplary visual answer to the question of whether [and if so, how] the legacy of the Bauhaus, which itself existed for only fourteen years, can still be recognized in contemporary artistic approaches.
Or is it perhaps more the decades of reception history that were formative—whether continuing and adapting Bauhaus ideas or rejecting them?