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Alicja Gaskon uses lines and maps to tell stories about conflict, borders migration and identity. In many of Gaskon’s works, mapping becomes a narrative process through which the artist investigates social and political spaces and networks. Her practice is research-based and ranges from painting, drawing and installation to video and printmaking.
The works incorporate military maps, satellite images, and statistical data that are later translated into a reduced language that is still directly based on the collected information.
Gaskon’s work often uses three colors: red, black and white. The selected infrastructure spaces, buildings and road networks are marked black. The red-and-white lines represent the two-tone universal patterns used for marking boundaries, crowd control barricades as well as other barriers.

Alicja Gaskon received her M.F.A. from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and is a graduate in Architecture (WSEiZ). She currently lives and works in New York and holds her studio practice at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Gaskon has received grants and residencies from the International Studio and Curatorial Program ISCP, NARS Foundation, Asylum Arts, IAM Program at the New York Foundation for the Arts NYFA, ArtSlant,  StartPoint Prize, and the Ministry of Culture, among others.

Gaskon has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Europe and North America, including: Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, Korean Cultural Center in New York, Galeria Labirynt in Lublin, Lengyel Intézet in Budapest, NARS Foundation in New York, EFA Project Space in New York, Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw, Balzer Projects in Basel, Solo Positions in Berlin, Artissima in Turin, Italy, Vienna Contemporary in Vienna, Noyes Museum of Art in Atlantic City, Saatchi Screen Project, Saatchi Gallery in London, Times Square in New York (Chashama and Times Square Alliance), among others.
She is represented by:  Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw, Poland and Balzer Projects in Basel, Switzerland.

︎  Portfolio PDF 

Awards and residencies:
2019   Artist-in-Residence, International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York
2018   Asylum Arts, International Jewish Artists Retreat, Garisson, NY   
2018   Artist-in-Residence, NARS Foundation International Residency, New York
2017   ArtSlant Prize Juried Winner, Painting Category, 6th Edition
2017   NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, New York
2014   LCC finalist, London Creative Competition, London
2012   Artist Wanted finalist, Chashama and Times Square Alliance, New York
2011   StartPoint Prize finalist for the best art diploma in European Union
2009-2010   Received an artist grant from the Ministry of Culture
2007-2008   Received an artist grant from the Ministry of Culture

Selected group and solo exhibitions*:

A Small Needful Fact. Assembly Room, New York, US
Home Land, Here, Together!. The Immigrant Artist Biennial [TIAB], New York, US 
Breaching Borders. 16th International Triennial of Textiles. Central Museum of Textiles, 
Lodz, Poland
* Dividing Lines, solo, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
The Principle of Migration. New York Foundation for the Arts, New York, US
Chopin & Friends Festival, Polish Cultural Institute New York Slavic Center, US 
Positions Art Fair Berlin,gallery drj––dr.julius | ap, Berlin, Germany
Century.idee bauhaus. Bauhaus 100, gallery drj––dr.julius | ap, Berlin, Germany
Endless Biennial. EFA Project Space, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, US
The Map and the Territory. NARS Foundation, New York, US
Somewhere down the line. NARS Artist-In Residence, New York, US
Cardinal Planes. Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Center of New York, New York, US
New / Newly Discovered. Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
* Reflections. solo. Le Guern Gallery+balzer projects, Vienna Contemporary, Austria
Visual-Virtual. Noyes Museum of Art, Atlantic City, NJ, US
Minimal Impulse.  balzer projects and Le Guern Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
Interior. Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
* New Beginnings. solo. balzer projects, Basel, Switzerland * Transitions. 2 person show w/Arpad Forgo, Platan Gallery, Polish Institute in Budapest, Hungary 
Artissima. w/Lilly Keller, balzer projects, Artissima, Turin, Italy
* Myopia of Identity. solo. balzer projects, Basel, Switzerland  
Mere formality. Galeria Labirynt and Galeria Labirynt 2, Lublin, Poland
* Solo Positions.solo. balzer projects at Contemporary Art Berlin, Germany
Order out of chaos. Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
* The Open Work. solo. Dubner Moderne Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland  
La Ligne f(x)=ax+b. balzer projects, Basel, Switzerland
  Saatchi Screen Project.competition finalists, Saatchi Gallery,London, UK
* Tetris Effect: The Urbanism of Color. solo. Espace Gaia, Geneva, Switzerland    * Map.Straction. solo. Espace Helvetie, Montreux, Switzerland
Les nouveaux artistes de la galerie. Dubner Moderne Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland
* MAP.struction: The Tetris Effect. solo.  Espace Gaia Gallery, Geneva,Switzerland * The Dynamic Arena. solo. Schweizer Kunstraum, Lausanne, Switzerland
Summer Six. Espace Gaia Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
Dyplomy. MFA Graduation Show, Lubelska 30/32, Warsaw, Poland    
*  Torpedo Pinata II: derailment. solo. Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2005-2010      MFA from Department of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
2003-2005     Department of Architecture and Urbanism WSEiZ, Warsaw