New Beginnings
Chapter III

New Beginnings explores the concepts of unpredictability and transition that are embedded within the sense of yearning for a new start and the experience of impermanence. The installation consists of a collection of torn tarmac pieces placed on painted metal sheets. Placed on top of them is an open book with its content partially erased. Few words left to read, such as “again!” or “there is everything to be found”, correspond to the notion of a new beginning, as either its starting point or its prediction. The video is a 2 channel animation that is displayed on two monitors placed opposite each other. The work references the two main theories for the beginning of the universe.
Accompanying the video is The Sequence,  a series of small silver paintings stuffed with polyester. The work is based on the close-up stills from the 1986 film Blue Velvet by D.Lynch. The stills highlight the nature of the uncomfortably dark yet dreamlike scene of the camera zooming into the canal of the severed ear, central to the film and its very beginning and the end. 
Imagining an evanescent landscape with its shadows and shapes, a hidden reality of sorts, the paintings take a biological, warped shape and capture the abstract and unsettling views of the internal world of a human body.

New Beginnings 2-channel video animation
2min loop / excerpt from channel 1 

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