Dividing Lines

Chapter I
2012 — 2017

The Dividing Lines is a series of paintings, prints, video and performances that focuses on the phenomenon of dividing lines and the long-lasting effects of past divisions. I examine the consequences of forced, human-made divisions, such as political borders and social barriers and look at the impact that they had and still have on the regions and the people. My interests span the political, economic, psychological and social aspects of these divisions. The work is based on historical events as well as the daily occurrences.
The process is primarily research-based. The work is inspired by found aerial photographs and satellite images of the divided regions that are later translated into an abstract language, highlighting the relationships between the elements of those spaces. The work is driven by the repetition of forms, lines and accumulation of shapes directly based on the cartographic representations.
Although the work is predominantly focused on the dividing lines and the problems that exist as effects of past divisions, I also reflect on the current immigration issues. My overarching goal is to raise awareness through my work about the existence of multiple divisions in our lives, be it political, economic (class), or social (gender and race) and how easily and oftentimes mindlessly those dividing lines are being drawn, and how significant and long-lasting they end up being.

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