Dividing Lines

Chapter I
2012 — 2017

Dividing Lines is an interdisciplinary project that examines the phenomenon of human-made divisions, such as political borders and social barriers, and looks at the long-lasting impact they have on the regions and the people. Through the use of video documents, maps, verbal narratives and statistical data, the project tells stories of the on-going and past divisions. It targets the problematics of forced barriers focusing on long-term consequences of divisions seen in contemporary societies.
Dividing Lines project addresses such notions as religious identity and ethnicity that have lately become the central dividing line in the American politics as well as in the politics worldwide.
Project encompasses a series of paintings, installations, video documentaries, prints, photographs and performances.  
The aim of this project is to raise awareness about the existence of multiple dividing lines in our lives and to show how easily and oftentimes carelessly they are being drawn, and how significant and long-lasting they end up being.

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